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Dive Sipadan - Malaysia

The jewel in the crown of diving in Malaysia - Sipadan is a tiny oceanic island less than an hour from the mainland where rich currents bring food which brings fish, which brings bigger fish, which brings more and more fish, sharks and turtles. The Dive Sipadan dive sites are peppered around the island and none is more than a short speedboat ride away from the nearby dive resorts. And although they are all different they all offer one thing: lets to see!


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As you’ll see, PADI’s requirement that divers retain their Diver Manuals tends to make PADI Dive Courses a little more expensive.

At the early stages of diving education most PADI Dive Courses have an SSI equivalent and vice versa. The exception is the PADI Advanced Adventurer course, which is a stepping-stone to their full Advanced course. SSI’s Advanced Adventurer course is equivalent to PADI’s full advanced course – there isn’t an SSI version of PADI Advanced Adventurer.  As you approach professional levels of education there are a few more differences that we’ll be happy to explain in detail - WRSCT

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*Note: NE = No Equivalence
Discover Scuba Discover Scuba 95.00 95.00
Scuba Diver Scuba Diver 285.00 225.00
Open Water Diver Open Water Diver 425.00 365.00
Advanced Adventure No Equivalence 245.00 Ne
Advanced Diver Advanced Adventure 330 285
EFR FIRAST AID Respond Right 185.00 135.00
Rescue Diver Stress & Rescue 335.00 275.00
Speciality Diver Specialty Diver +85 +25
No Equivalence Advanced Diver Np 355
Master Scuba Diver Master Diver 1000 780
No Equivalence Dive Guide Ne TBA
No Equivalence Dive Master Ne TBA
Dive Master No Equivalence 1400 Ne
Assistant Instructor SSI Dive Controller 1400 900.00

padi dive courses
padi dive courses