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Scuba Diving Malaysia is wholly owned by Bottom Time Divers (Enterprise) - trading as Asia Dive Travel which is a independent, Web base Scuba Diving information company.

We are an independent group of dive professionals with more than 75 combined years’ experience and many thousands of dives in Asia . Our researchers include SSI Master Instructors, PADI Master Instructor, Dive leaders and Instructor Certifiers. We have examined what’s on offer in Asia and can direct you towards what we feel is the best in terms of safety, professionalism and enjoyment.

Most websites want to sell you a Dive Courses, Dive Packages or Dive Travel. We want to give you advice. Those good Dive Centres who are good enough to meet Asia Diving Packages exacting standards – and then only when they have satisfied your requirements as well as our standards.

We are confident enough of our service to offer 100% money back guarantee if your dive course or dive package does not comply with every statement we make here and in any correspondence with you.

Because not all that’s on offer is what it should be. There are dive centres that out source important training facilities; they borrow hotel pools rather than build a proper training pool, or rent a ‘classroom’ without the technical facilities needed for modern teaching methods. Some even rent their scuba equipment and scuba tanks so they have no control over its maintenance or safety. Some retain no permanent Instructors. And so on.

We recognize that our strength and competitive advantage is in performing outstanding service and developing excellent programs. We pride ourselves in listening to the need of our markets and exceeding their expectations.

In all that we do, we also strive to achieve our commitment to preserving the aquatic environment for future growth. We are committed to the protection of underwater cultural heritage for future generations of divers and non-divers alike.

The instructors and team that make up Asia Diving Packages have amassed a wealth of experience and skills from teaching and servicing a diverse clientele range over these past 20 years. We are proud to offer the same limitless dedication and commitment to you.

Dive Sipadan | Diving Sipadan | Pulau Sipadan


Our Responsibilities

In all that we do, we will demonstrate our steadfast commitment to being a world-class leader in every aspect of our business - in the training of scuba divers and instructors, in the support and service we provide, in diving safety and education, in aquatic environmental education and preservation, in the way we design and develop our products. We honor our commitments, take personal responsibility for our actions and practice the highest ethical standards.

Dive Sipadan | Diving Sipadan | Pulau Sipadan